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Surnames of Interest in Alphabetical Order

  • Avrutzky
  • Belkind

  • Bogdanow
  • Bloomfield (Belous)

  • Celnik
  • Crane (changed from Kranowitz)

  • Gerson

  • Jampel, Yampel (changed to Lavi)

  • Katz
  • Kaufman
  • Koppel (Koeppel)

  • Lobomirski
  • Pomerantz
  • Reiter
  • Rosenblum
  • Speiser
  • Volozin
  • Yarmovsky

With over two thousand names in my family tree, the list of surnames is quite large. These are the main ancestral lines I'm researching.


  1. Just wondering. Are you going to be at IAJGS2014?

  2. Hello, My great-grandmother's maiden name was Belous. Her family was from Bobruisk near Minsk in what is now Belarus (then Russia). Her name was Sophie and she was born around 1894 and came to the U.S. around 1907 to New York. She had five sisters and two brothers (one sister was named Nelly). She lived in Brooklyn, NY. Let me know if any of this matches with the Belous line of your tree. Thank you!

    1. Hi Eve,
      The names don't ring a bell, but I'd love to learn more about your family. Our family came from the Pruzhany area, probably the town of Malec which is also now in Belarus. I have never met anyone with the surname Belous, so I would like to learn more about your family. Did they keep the name or did they Americanize it?


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